Thursday, March 10, 2005

Science Class

Okay everybody, I've explained this to various people at various times. I'm going to post this in one place and from now on just tell everyone to come here for the explanation.

Do NOT squeeze the soda bottle before you close the cap.

I know that you have in your head that it will last longer that way before going flat, but you're wrong. Let me explain what happens. The bottle wants to return to its natural shape. The only way it can do this is to fill the empty space with gas. The only gas available is in solution (the fizzy part of the soda). If the gas comes out of solution, the soda goes flat.

If you really want to keep your soda "fizzy" longer, right after you buy it put it in the frig. After you open it the first time, pour your drinks then reseal the bottle without squeezing it, and put it on the countertop. When the cool liquid warms up, it will expand, keeping the air pressure within the bottle high and keeping the "fizzy" in solution. Of course this only works the first time. After that, you're on borrowed time like the rest of us.

Just please, please, please... stop squeezing the bottle!!!!!


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